Hot Dog! Deep Discount on Stainmaster
Pet Protect Carpet

Your dogs and cats deserve a great home. But that's not mutually exclusive to your family of humans being able to enjoy the home too! Pet stains and odors can be the schism that causes discord in the home -- but making the right choice and installing Stainmaster Pet Protect Carpet will avoid these conflicts.

SM-C04853dlThe best thing is, right now until November 31, all Stainmaster and Stainmaster Pet Protect carpets are marked 20% off.

There are three things that Stairmaster Pet Protect does better than virtually any carpet on the market, and if you're a dog or cat owner looking for carpet designed with their needs in mind, you'd be hard pressed to find a carpet that's as well-guaranteed to resits pet stains, reduce pet odors, and release pet hair with normal vacuuming. This is major breakthrough for anyone with a dog or cat that likes to shed, or likes to go potty in places they're not supposed to.

The warranty on this carpet is formidable, and again, the price right now is going to be hard to beat in 2016. Come to the showroom to touch and feel our Stainmaster display, and check out the many assorted colors we have available.